Welcome to our Love a Dachshund Site.


Welcome to our website

As of Nov.14,2015 we are no longer taking deposits on future litters, we have a great deal of people who have paid deposit and are waiting on puppies now. So if you want one of our puppies on our web site now please email or call because they are going fast. 


We are very sorry but due to the prices of everything we have no choice but to go up on our puppy price. Starting Jan.01,2016. Our puppies will be $1,000.00 and up depending on the parents pedigrees and the color of the puppies. Again we are very sorry......

A Dachshund is what I like to call:The BIGGUN that is one who is powerful or influential. Or BIGGIE  that means a very important person or thing in your life.That is what our Dachshunds are to us
BIGGUN BIGGIE'S  they are powerful influential dogs over our lifes that bring us happiest every day,and when we are holding them the love in their eyes are unforgettable a lasting set of memories in our minds. Funny how something so small came to be such a BIG part of our lifes. Like I always say: BIGGEST LITTLE  DOG IN THE WORLD ......

Come and visit us and our BIGGUN BIGGIE'S anytime.


Hi my name is Randy, my wife Linda and I have made this website so that you can share our lives, and our puppies. We live on 20 acres just out side the city of Maricopa in California where our puppies have a lot of room to play and boy do they. We have AKC Pedigree Papers on all of our Babies. And DNA Papers on all of our Dads. Look at our pictures and leave a message in our guestbook. If you are interested in one of our Babies, Please call or email us. We hope you injoy our site, Have fun, and have a great day....  

Plain and simple you have come to the right place, we have some of the BEST Dachshunds in California GUARANTEED.

Please go to info page before you buy a puppy any were, You will be glad you did. Pedigrees are the key to saving a lot of money, and having a great companion for life.
Thanks again...

I am very sorry to let those of you who want one of our Dachshund Babies know that I do not ship!  I would like to thank all of you for your kindest, and taking the time to look at our web page.

Randell & Linda Johnson
Home ph.661-769-8807
Cell    ph.661-333-4697
Email address:
Website: www.aaapuppydogs.com  
Lic.# 0000001092

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 331

Maricopa Ca. 93252

Home Address:

2000 Scott Dr.

Maricopa Ca. 93252                   

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