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Written by Craig and Laura montgomery on Jun. 28, 2020
Hi Linda and Randy!!

Thank you guys for one of our best dogs. We got Brooke from you in October 2015. She is such a beautiful dog and totally fits in with the rest of her sisters. We can’t wait to get another one very soon.

Written by Gabbie on May. 20, 2020
Hi Linda and Randy!
It’s Sophie. I was born on January 31st 2020. Daddy got me as an early birthday present for mommy. He is no longer here but he left me with mommy and I’m her forever treasure. I will always keep her company and remind her of him. I’m very spoiled and loved by everyone ❤️

Written by Jody on Feb. 17, 2020
Hi Linda and Randy. We keep saying we’re going to wait until I retire for another one but each time we visit your page I break down a little more so I hope I can wait another year. Vinny is still an awesome daddy’s boy and we hope to see you soon.

Mark & Jody

Written by Cindy Rosales on Oct. 27, 2019
Hi Linda and Randy,
I’m just sending an update on Barley. He was born on 8/21/19 and I got him on May. I remember when I first met him he was like a wild rabbit running away from me. He was very shy and didn’t like to make eye contact. But I took your advice and cuddle with him as soon as we got back home. I spent a lot of time bonding with him. It took him about 2 weeks to make make a vocal sound and then it was when he cried for me. He is the most loyal dog ever. Within 4 weeks I was able to go on walks with him with no leash. He is attached to me like glue. He is a very well behaved dog, still a bit shy but I’m so glad I got him. Maybe in the future I get him a companion of his size.
Thanks Linda and Randy.

Written by Dolores Vargas (was Radusinovich when I bought them) on Oct. 24, 2019
Hi Linda and Randy,
Its Sophie and Chloe!
We are Buddy and Lucy's baby girls. We were born September 30th, 2014. We are 5 yrs old now. We love our mommie, but miss our daddy Buddy and mama Lucy. Well love our home and we are spoiled rotten. Our mommie trained us well, and people are always saying how smart and cute we are. We love the holidays and getting our picture taken. We hope you enjoy the pics our mommie uploaded so you can see how much we have grown up.
Thanks Linda and Randy for giving me Sophie and Chloe. They are so sweet and very unique! They keep me company and never leave my side. I hope you enjoy seeing how they have turned out!
Thanks again!🐾💕🐾

Written by Tyler + Lindsay on Sep. 3, 2019
Hi! We just wanted to send a little update about our blondie guy Finn! He’s only nine months old and he already rules this house. He’s so special to us and we can reiterate enough how happy we are. Thanks again from us and our little handsome!

Written by Katie on Jun. 27, 2019
We are over the moon with our Ringo! He has been with us for 3 weeks and Emma loves her new little brother!

Written by Linda George on Jun. 15, 2019
Hi from Tabasco (Linda George) on June 16, 2019
I was 9 years old yesterday..Jake & Mother Beona were my parents..Love living in Cambria..still have my own cat brother, RudyPoot..Hope you ALL are doing well..

Written by Tabasco (Linda George) on Mar. 18, 2019
Well, It's 2019, how time fly's..I'll be 9 years old in June. A little grey around the muzzle, but doing well. Still love my toys and my CAT brother, RudyPoot. Hope everyone is is doing well there....

Written by Faith and Chuck Bonfanti on Mar. 3, 2019
Good Day Randy and Linda we are just sending you an update on our family of 3 Doxies. Ruffie our first from you in 2013 is the man of the house now. Roxie 3 yrs old(formally Amy) our petite female been with us 8 month is attached to Chuck and grandchildren still very shy but coming around more each visitor. We are so glad we took her. Then their is our little guy Rio just turned 1 and is ever so sweet and of course a puppy but loves everybody. With all 3 having Buddy as A Dad the resemblance is amazing in looks and manners. Of course Roxie and Rio full siblings they are totally different but can see their bloodline. We are grateful for our 4 legged family you gives us so much joy.

Written by Cole and Crystal on Jan. 2, 2019
We purchased mindy from you 4 years ago, and she was such a great addition to our family.

Written by Lapinski Family on Dec. 30, 2018
Happy New Year Linda and Randy!!!
We got the best puppies ever. Chuck and Rudy are funny and bring so much joy to our home.

Written by THE MALLORY FAMILY on Dec. 27, 2018

Written by Micheal, Stephanie and Roscoe on Dec. 24, 2018
Merry Christmas Linda, Randy and all of the wonderful puppies!!!

Written by Nick & Molly Murchison on Oct. 8, 2018
Oliver is so sweet and so loved. We enjoyed picking him up and experience your wonderful oasis. 💗

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