In the beginning my wife and I went all over California showing all kinds of Dogs, at AKC events, that was in the late 70's for years we had some of the Best Dogs around. Back in about the year 2000 we decided to get two Dachshunds from a local Breeder, and in our mind we just wanted a good pet for our grandkids. Stupid me I did not think much about it I just wanted to get my grandkids some Dachshund puppies. I did not realize that there were so many BAD Breeders out there.

Mind you we just wanted good puppies for our sweet loving grandkids. We got 7 Dachshunds for our 7 grandkids and we spent most of our time and money at the local Vets.

To make this long story short we had the worst Bred Dachshunds you ever did see. My grandkids cried every time we had to take their puppy to the Vet.

So I decided to do something about all the Bad Breeders. My wife and I have took it upon ourself's to bring to the people of California some of the BEST Bred Dachshunds in the Country not just California, we have spent tons of money to get the Best so that the people and their kids & their grandkids do not go through what we did. So for all of you who want to help support all of those Bad Breeder please continue buying their puppies so that the Vets can live in those Big Beautiful homes and drive those Big Beautiful cars we all want to support our Vets and our local Dog pound so please continue buying puppies from those Bad Breeders.


So let me tell you how to find a good Breeder

#1- First ask to see the AKC Pedigrees on the parents NOT the AKC PAPERS ON THEIR DOGS the pedigrees will show you the puppies family trees this is more important than the papers on their dogs, you will see if they have inbred dogs, and if they have a lot of Champions in the puppies blood lines, most breeders do not show you or want you to see these pedigrees they want you to think that by giving you AKC Papers that you are getting a well bred puppy. People who do not want their well bred Dachshund Blood Line to go to just anybody, or Back Yard Hobby Breeders will not want to give out these AKC Papers. So one of the Best way to see if they are good breeders is to see how fast they want to give out AKC Papers. Never go pick up a puppy just because the pictures was so cute. Meet the breeder and go see where they keep there Dachshunds, and are they Happy & Friendly...

#2- A lot of times the Breeders will say that their dogs have a lot of Champions or Grand Champions in their blood lines just to get you to buy from them, or to get you to look at their puppies, but the truth is most of them are not being truthful at all and once you see their puppies you will fall in love with them, because all puppies are cute untill they grow up. When you look at any pedigree in front of every dogs name if is a Champion it will have in capital letters CH. in front of their name. If it is a Grand Champion it will have the letters GCH. in front of their names. So do not let those Bad Breeder keep playing their games and help me put them out of Business and buy a will Bred Dachshund.

#3- Go and see the Parents, and where they keep them.

#4- Meet the Breeders and see how they act to you, are they open about them selves and there Dogs, do their dogs have penty of room to play, and are their Dogs Happy. Is their place clean and well picked up.

#4- If at anytime the Breeder will not show you their pedigrees, Dogs, or pretty much anything else you wish to see ask yourself why and what is this Breeder Hideing.

Here at aaapuppydogs we invite you to come and see all of our Beautiful Dachshund Kids and hang out for the day, and get to know us and our kids.

                                   { BOTTOM LINE }

My wife and I are committed in inproving the Dachshund Blood lines here in California so please stay away from all those back yard HOBBY breeders and stop by and see us and all of our Dachshund Kids you will be very happy you did. We have some of the BEST Dachshund Blood lines around Guaranteed...


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