UP TO DATE AS OF 09-29-20

We are on Lock Down due to the Corona Virus, if you need to talk please email us thank you.

Gracie and Auggie puppies were born on 08-31-20 they can go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age on or about Oct.26,20.
Gracie is a Red Smooth Coat, and Auggie is a Long Coat Cream with a Black overlay.

All of our puppies are $1,250.00 ea. except for Cream's and Wire Coats they are $1,500.00 ea. 
in cash only no checks or cards sorry. We do not give AKC papers to anyone due to a Lot of Bad Breeders out there, some how some of our Dachshunds would end up with a few bad breeds and our Blood Lines, So we are sorry about that.
If you wanted a well bred Dachshund puppy as a pet and not to breed or show then you have come to the right place.
Also we still have a lot of people wanting us to ship but we do not ship, Sorry. 
We started raising some of the Best Dachshund Blood Lines in the Country so that the people in California had the opportunity to  finely find well bred Dachshunds, with good to great Pedigrees. So if you do find a Breeder out there that will show you their Dachshunds Pedigrees that is a start, then look to make sure they are not in breeding their dogs. Then look to see if they have the letters CH. in front of their dogs names. CH. in front of their dogs names means they were Champions, if they were Champion that a good start to good breeding. All puppies must be spay/neutered by their new owners at or about 6 months of age. Please read price & Info pages, thank you. 

Pictures will be coming soon.

#1-Cream S/C male:Sold to     Tiffany.                   Puppy's name is Sid .

#2-Red S/C male:Sold to 
  Cielo.                              Puppy's name is Ozzy .

#3-Chocolate/Tan L/C male:Sold to     Glinda.                             Puppy's name is ____ .

#4-Red L/C female:Sold to     Betsy.                               Puppy's name is _____ .

#5-Red S/C female:Sold to         Susie.                                 Puppy's name is _____.

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