UP TO DATE AS OF 10-22-2020

If you want a puppy from me you must be on the puppy list so if you are willing to wait give me a email and tell me what you are looking for male, female long, smooth or wire coat, colors and I will need your phone number also. Thank you and stay safe.

May and Logan's puppies are almost here. May and Logan are both long coat Cream's. Their puppies should be all Creams but you never know. Ringo is May's father and he is a Chocolate & Tan long coat, and his father is a Black & Tan long coat, and May & Logan both have Red in their family trees.
All puppies are sold as pets we do not give AKC papers to anyone anymore due to Bad Breeders out there, so if you are wanting a Beautiful well bred Dachshund for a pet then you have come to the right place. All of our puppies must be spay/neutered by their new owners at or about 6 months of age.

Creams or 50% Cream are $1,500.00 ea.

Chocolate Base Creams are $1,500.00 ea.

Reds and Black/Tans are $1,250.00 ea.
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