Up to date: 03-30-2020

Great News: Ringa & Ivanhoe's puppies are here  this is going to be a great litter, Ivan is a Cream Dapple Long Coat, and Ringa is a Chocolate/Tan Long Coat that looks just like her father Ringo, again awesome...Puppies are here now.

We do not give AKC papers to anyone anymore due to bad breeders, sorry about that but all of our Dachshunds are AKC Registered. So if you want a well bred Dachshund with some of the Best Dachshund Blood Lines around you have come to the right place. We will give you copies of the parents pedigrees and a copy of AKC DNA Certificate on the father. You will also sign a contract stating that you will get you puppy spay/neutered at or about 6 months of age. Also we only take cash no checks or cards sorry.

Pictures taking on 02-04-2020.

These puppies are $1,250.00

#1- Black & Tan Male long coat with a little white on his chest - ON HOLD $1,250.00 ea.

#2-Dark Red long coat  Female -SOLD TO: Laura $1,250.00 ea..
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