All puppies are now $1,500.00 ea. in Cash only we do not take Checks or Cards SORRY.

No matter what color, coat type, male or female they are all the same price.

Also we do not take deposit's you will pay in full when you pickup your puppy.

We have some of the Best Dachshund Blood Lines in the Country and you will see even more of our Blood lines coming up this year and in the years to come, as far as we know no body in California can even come close. Because we have some of the Best Dachshund Blood Lines in the Country everyone who gets a Dachshund form us must spay/neuter their puppy at or about 6 months of age, also these Dachshunds are sold to family that are wanting well bred Dachshunds for pets only and we do not give out AKC Papers on any of our Dachshunds due to all of the Bad, Bad Breeders out there so if you want one or two of our Dachshund puppies as a family pet, and not to Breed, or show, and just for a pet you have come to the right place.

For all of the people that have been put on our puppy waiting list I am Sorry that it is taking so long to get you a puppy, but we are doing everthing that we can to get you the puppy or puppies you are wanting. Please be patient with us and you will get one or two of the most Beautiful Dachshund puppies around. Also if you are already on our puppy waiting list, you will pay last years prices, please do not worry about it you are still in last years price list. Sorry for all of the inconvenience we are doing are best.


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