Up to date as of 09-29-2020

We are open to emails at this time, no visitors we are on Lock Down due to the Corona Virus we hope you under stand...
Hilda is a wire coat and Tux is a smooth coat, they had their puppies on Aug.04,2020. I am waiting to see if they are Smooth or Wire Coats. 
They can go to their new homes on or about Sep.29,2020...
When I post these puppies they are available right then so please keep checking the website for updates. These puppies will go super fast.
These puppies are on a first come first serve basis. You DO NOT have to put down a deposit, you will pay for it in full at time of pickup at or about 8 weeks of age in CASH.

All puppies are sold as pet and we do not give out papers on any of our Dachshund Kids. You must get them spay/neutered at or about 6 months of age.

Smooth Coats: $1,250.00 ea.
Wire Coats: $1,500.00 ea.

Pictures were taking 07-12-20.

All of these Puppies are SOLD. If someone backs out you could still have a chance to get one of these Beautiful Males.
We are waiting to see who is a Smooth Coat or a Wire Coat. So if you think you may want a Smooth or Wire coat male I am making a small list first come first serve.

These puppies are all males the older these males get the more Beautiful they are.

These people are first on this list:

#1- Ashley / Smooth Coat male.
#2- Barbara / Smooth Coat male.
#3- Kendyl / Wire Coat male.
#4- Kendyl / Wire Coat male.
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