UP TO DATE ON Nov.12,2018      

Spunky and Logan puppies were born on Feb.15,2018 they can go to their new home now...

All of these puppies are sold as pet only and you will sign a contract stating that you will get your puppy or puppies spay/neutered at or about 6 months of age. We do not give AKC Paper to anyone anymore, but we do give you copies of their parents pedigrees and DNA on their fathers. You will get everything you need to get you started, please check out our price and info pages on the left side of this page. We have and raise some of the Best Dachshund Blood Lines in the Country as far as we know there are no other Breeders in California that can even come close to our Blood Lines.

All of our puppies are $1,250.00 as pets except for Cream & Wire Coats they are $1,500.00 ea.


Please note that these pictures were taken on July.02,2018   

These are some BEAUTIFUL Dachshunds.

#1-Male Smooth Coat Available Light Red  $1,250.00 ea.   


#2-Male Smooth Coat Available Red Dapple almost pure RED $1,250.00 .    

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