2000 SCOTT DR.

From L.A.  go North on HWY 5 untill you come to  HWY 166 West, it is 30 minutes to Maricopa from there, you will come to a stop sign in the middle of town keep going straight 3/4 of a mile and you will see a small sign on the left Scott Dr. Turn in on the dirt road and stay on Scott Dr. You will come to 2000  Scott Dr. YOU HAVE MADE IT. If you are coming from Northern Calif. on HWY 5  you can take the Taft/Maricopa turn off it is 35 minutes to Maricopa, it also will come to a stop sign in the middle of Maricopa, turn right go 3/4 of a mile west, you will come to Scott Dr. there is a small sign on the left. Turn in keep going on the dirt road untill you come to 2000 Scott Dr. YOU HAVE MADE IT.  😎  😀 


P.O. BOX 331 2000 SCOTT DR.
United States

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