Dachshund Disneyland by Kyle & Denise...

It's 10:30 and we just got home, which is sort of funny, because my wife and I originally thought we would only stay at the Johnson's AAA Puppy place for 30 to 45 minutes to see their puppies and then take off. You might ask why we only wanted to stay such a short while, will it was because our little Dachshund Monkeegirl had just died a few days earlier and we didn't want to give our little God-daughter any false hopes about getting a new puppy. So after visiting AAA puppies, our plan was to continue on to San Diego to see another breeder after visiting AAA puppies, because we wanted to keep our minds off why we were there in the first place. Fortunately, we never made a reservation with the other breeder. I still remember that two days ago we didn't know that AAA Puppies even existed, now they will be forever in our hearts. Our trip was simply to remember how happy we were when Monkeegirl was alive, the joy of living with a loving Dachshund and to think about when we might be ready for another little angel.

What we realized after being at the Johnson's home for less than five minutes was " Was that we were in Dachshund Heaven and our Monkeegirl brought us here." And so my wife promptly renamed " AAA Puppies dogs" to Dachshund Disneyland because that describes what we saw and felt. We were embracing the natural beauty, the sense was simply amazing. When Randy said, " Stand or sit on the grass, and get ready for a special moment that will happen when I go over and open the gate to let out 30 of our 8 to 10 week old little puppies who will come running out to play with you and love all over you."

On the way home my wife described how she felt the moment those puppies came to us, how it brought us back to life. She said " It was like seeing the running of the Bulls in Spain, with their huge horns, power and fierceness, but this time we saw little Sachshunds running at us at eye level with floppy ears flying, soft fur nuzzling our faces and loving little tongue kisses surrounded by wagging tails all rushing at us with big beautiful loving hearts." We have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a single vacation searching for what we had just found at the Johnsons and never even came close to feeling we had at Dachshund Disneyland. We were overwhelmed with happiness and thank God for every moment of it. Our hearts will always warmly remember our memories at

" Dachshund Disneyland, " and will be booking a return trip soon. I'm sure it's obvious by now that we stayed longer than 30 minutes and in reality we spent 5 blissful hours there, because we knew this special place had already started healing our hearts. We can only describe it with our loving affection, as Dachshund Heaven. We're a family who was experiencing the loss of our little dackel, Monkeegirl, and of all places we found healing not at home, but at Randy and Linda's little oasis on top of a mountain; a place we now call heaven on earth and it is something to be treasured indeed. Our hearts went through a lot of emotions that afternoon from everything we experienced, starting with the warmth of the welcome, to the incredible environment these  Dachshunds live in, which is simply a delight to the eyes and our hearts. We new later on when driving home that we had become part of the AAA puppy family. The Johnson's are a family committed to bringing happiness to the little Dachshunds they raise; and to those lucky enough to find AAA and take a puppy home, should go down on one knee and thank God for finding this place. AAA puppies is a place we recommend you share with everyone you know who is a Dachshund lover. We knew immediately we were experiencing this cornucopia of sights, smells, puppies, mommy's and daddies, that the feelings of everything around us were special. This was an incredible breeder, and they were going to become our breeder. The Johnson's are loving Dachshund owners, and even their record keeping will blow you away with how meticulous they do everything from keeping their Dachshunds in a very clean environment to the grass, the house, and the whole facility which was surrounded by flowers of all types, including beautiful shade trees protecting every animal going through the different stages of life here. It was all so spotless, no poop, just an incredible place for puppies to grow up in. We talked about it all the way home, the beautiful scene in the desert, the aromas of flowers, the grass, puppy tongues and the little kisses and all about breeding, puppies growing up and going home, to those sires and dams that were permanent parts of the family and how special it all was. When we left Sacramento at 7am, it was with  heavy hearts from losing our precious  "Monkeegirl" last week at ten years old. It would have been her third IVDD surgery in 3 years. Our hearts were broken. When we returned to Sacramento that night, we felt Monkeegirl was with us more than normal; the house wasn't quite as lonely as it had been when we left and we knew our healing had started at the Johnson's oasis. We can now see the future has just shown us a small glimpse of the future and we know more is coming on the horizon.

Thank you Randy and Linda, we are so looking forward to our future trips to see Dachshund Disneyland as the day approaches when you call and tell us, our new little angel has arrived.

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